Houseplant Therapy + Repotting Workshop


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Sunday, August 8th, 3-5pm: Plant Therapy + Repotting Workshop

Plant-care is a potent form of self-care. Indoor greenery can not only help to filter the air in our spaces, it can instantly brighten our homes and help us connect to the living world that is all around us! But…. caring for plants can sometimes be tricky!

In this intimate outdoor workshop, we will discuss low-stress mindsets for giving your plants what they need to thrive. This event offers an opportunity to play in the dirt while getting in-person assistance & advice from plant whisperer and teacher, Katy McQuinn.

Have a plant or two waiting to be repotted? Who doesn’t?! Bring them (along with their new containers if you are up-potting) to the workshop, and leave with a sense of accomplishment. Potting media will be provided. You’ll also take home a new baby plant and beautiful 3″ ceramic container.

Location: SE Portland 
BIPOC Discount: 1/2 off with code BIPOC
*A note about our discount: BIPOC communities are the knowledge-holders of much of the earth-centered and wellness arts. These communities don’t often get credit for being the knowledge holders, and at the same time experience disadvantage in the form of racism, classism, prejudice and bigotry, which create health and economic impacts. This discount is an effort to address the increased barriers that exist for many BIPOC in accessing the types of classes that help with reconnection and healing, and are one way we are trying to share knowledge with an eye toward equity, diversity, and inclusion.