Handcrafted Facial Care Class


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Sunday, June 6,12-1:30pm:

Roya Motamedi is a mixed media artist who weaves together the human heart with materials inspired by nature & inevitably influenced by her own heritage of Afghanistan & Japan.  Join her in play, mischief, & community to create delicious lotions & facial oil with a menu of hydrosols & oils like: neroli, jasmine, patchouli, rose, lemon verbena, lavender, and more.  Together we will create functional, beautiful products that tell stories through scent & texture.  Carry away a lotion, face oil, lip balm, & the knowing of how to nourish your skin from your own kitchen.  Set in a luscious outdoor setting,  6 spaces available.
BIPOC Discount: 1/2 off with code BIPOC
*A note about our discount: BIPOC communities are the knowledge-holders of much of the earth-centered and wellness arts. These communities don’t often get credit for being the knowledge holders, and at the same time experience disadvantage in the form of racism, classism, prejudice and bigotry, which create health and economic impacts. This discount is an effort to address the increased barriers that exist for many BIPOC in accessing the types of classes that help with reconnection and healing, and are one way we are trying to share knowledge with an eye toward equity, diversity, and inclusion.