Fall Mushroom Forage




Sunday, November 14 11am-3pm

Venture into the forest to explore the unknown with mushroom hunter and educator Leah Bendlin. Location details will be emailed a few days beforehand to participants. At 11am we will meet and caravan to our location, where we will explore the forest and the bounty of the earth. While we cannot guarantee that we will find edibles, we CAN guarantee that there will be learning, fun, and connection with nature and community.

BIPOC Discount: 1/2 off with code BIPOC
*A note about our discount: BIPOC communities are the knowledge-holders of much of the earth-centered and wellness arts. These communities don’t often get credit for being the knowledge holders, and at the same time experience disadvantage in the form of racism, classism, prejudice and bigotry, which create health and economic impacts. This discount is an effort to address the increased barriers that exist for many BIPOC in accessing the types of classes that help with reconnection and healing, and are one way we are trying to share knowledge with an eye toward equity, diversity, and inclusion.