What precautions are you taking to make the studio safe after re-opening and what can I expect when visiting the studio?

Please text (503) 334-9470  when you arrive for entry to the building. All visitors to the studio are asked to wear a mask and to sanitize or wash their hands before entering. If you forget a mask, one will be provided. Be prepared to remove your shoes and have your temperature taken. Please fill out the covid-release paperwork that will be waiting on the desk for you, or you can find that paperwork to bring with you here. In addition, you will be asked to confirm that you have not had any of the common Covid-19 symptoms listed here

If you experience any of the following, it is important that you let us know in advance of your visit by calling to reschedule: 

*You or anyone you have had close contact with has tested positive for Covid-19
*You or anyone in your household has experienced in the last 2-3 weeks: fever 99.5 or higher OR flu like symptoms OR cough OR shortness of breath OR loss of taste or smell
* If you are just feeling unwell

Late cancellation fees for any of the above reasons will be waived during the COVID 19 pandemic.

You can help ensure the cleanliness of the studio by spraying down any surfaces you have touched during your visit with a clean towel and sanitizing solution, and place your used towel in the basket at the back of the reformers. Your teacher will give these a second cleaning as well as sanitize any props used, door handles, pens, and other items that may have been touched during your visit. 

Thank you for your support during these uncertain times. We look forward to seeing you!

Pilates is a workout. Pilates is also a healing modality.

As such, Pilates is the best type of conditioning exercise – exercise to prevent injury, not only because of its focus on improving alignment and core strength, but also because of the mind/body connection that practitioners gain through regular practice. It is also uniquely designed to help people rehabilitate from injuries due to its emphasis on proper alignment, strengthening and stretching, and balancing the body — both symmetrically, left to right – as well as relieving dominant muscles of their tension by allowing/assigning smaller or postural and core muscles (which are often weak) more of the work in supporting the body and its movements.

For example, many people have dominance in the upper trapezius/neck and shoulder area, unnecessarily engaging these areas when making arm movements. This can lead to shoulder and neck tension, pain, and even conditions such as frozen shoulder. A properly taught Pilates progression allows the student to engage the often under-used muscles below and surrounding the neck and shoulder to execute arm movements.  These more efficient movement patterns become automatic with regular Pilates practice. For those who  are dedicated enough to correct improper movement patterns, change is long lasting and a lifetime of prevention of injuries and pain is gained.


While it is impossible to list them all, here are a few of the benefits we have heard reports of from our students engaging in regular Pilates practice.

Increased energy and zest for life
Increased strength, especially of the core
Better body awareness and ability to engage core muscles in daily life
Relief from back pain
Improved elimination and continence
Improved body image
Mood benefits (including relief from mild depression)
Improved alignment of the ankle, knee, hips, shoulders, and ribcage
Improved posture
Increased flexibility and range of motion
Improved performance in sports
Prevention of muscle and soft issue injury, and increased healing time


While it is never possible to guarantee that any particular treatment intervention will produce a particular effect, there are many people who have reported improvement of their condition after starting a regular Pilates practice. Some of these conditions include:

Acute and chronic back pain
Carpal tunnel
Hip and knee replacement rehabilitation
Sports injuries
Scoliosis-related pain
Frozen shoulder
Chronic fatigue


Pilates is an ideal form of exercise for those who have either been diagnosed with or would like to prevent being diagnosed with osteoporosis/osteopenia. Weight bearing exercises comprise the bulk of Pilates mat work, and it is these exercises that are recommended for maintaining bone density in at risk populations.


Pilates is ideal for those who have been diagnosed with scoliosis, or who wish to avoid being part of a new generation of adults diagnosed with late onset scoliosis. Pilates in a supervised setting focuses on alignment as well as balancing both sides of the body. Asymmetrical patterning and strategic unilateral movements in these individualized programs help to strengthen weaknesses in the muscles of the trunk that can contribute to or cause a rotation in the spine.


What we choose to put into our bodies is, some would say, the most basic and fundamental choice that we have to make as individuals; and as it is repeated many times daily, it is potentially our most powerful choice affecting our level of health. It is often difficult to see our own patterns, and working with a nutritionist as part of a team with other health care providers can be empowering to our sense of control about our personal health, and can be instrumental in bringing about major health changes. We have seen nutritional counseling help resolve the following ailments:

Hypertension/High blood pressure
Insulin resistance/Pre-diabetes
Skin conditions
Hair loss

So what is the “right diet?” Because everyone is different, in terms of our unique combination of ancestry (nature), environment (nurture), and habits, this will inevitably look somewhat different for each of us. Gaining a solid and informed understanding of the basic principles of good nutrition, the specifics of what will be best for your body, and the support needed to make changes to implement them can be life changing and produce nearly immediate results and lifelong health shifts.


Our nutritional consultations include:

Food Log (client)
Symptom Questionaire (client)
Functional Exam (client and nutritionist)
Initial Recommendations (nutritionist in initial meeting)
Follow-up phone sessions, or in person as necessary


Our essential oil consultations include:

Symptom Questionnaire
Functional Test
Initial recommendations and follow-up phone sessions as necessary


We offer cleanses seasonally in January, April, and September. If you are interested in a cleanse, please contact us.

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