We currently offer livestream group classes online, and we are booking privates both in the studio and online.

Posture Perfect begins January 25th and is enrolling now! Find out more here.

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Pilates Private Sessions (In person or online via Zoom, by appointment only)

Private lessons are perfect for students who are new to Pilates and those who prefer the one-on-one format to a group class format. Tailored instruction is useful for healing after injury or illness. Your needs and goals will guide the session.

Cost: $75/session, or 5 classes for $70 each, $350) 

Mindful Mat (Online via Zoom Fridays 1:30pm PST) 

This class integrates vigorous classical Pilates and restorative exercises, helping us to work on functional movement patterns. Stretch and strengthen the stress away! No equipment needed except a mat. If students have home equipment such as Magic Circles or foam rollers, we may utilize them. Feeling concerned about whether this class is the right level for you? Email me at heidi@pdxpilates.com and I’d be happy to answer any questions.

Cost: $17 drop-in | 10 class card $150

Pilates for Seniors (Online via Zoom Thursdays at 9am PST): 

This class focuses on postural and stretching components of the Pilates method, and utilizes props such as bolsters, foam rollers, balls, and weights. This is a safe, welcoming class that is tailored to the needs and concerns of the participants.

Cost: $17 drop-in | 10 class card $150

Restorative Pilates Mat (Online via Zoom Saturdays at 9:30am PST) 

 This class is perfect for those who are new to Pilates, those who are recovering from injury or illness, or athletes who need to balance out their rigorous exercise plan. If you have props such as a soft ball, foam roller, weights, or resistance band, you can add them to support and enhance some exercises. If not, no worries, you can always get props later if you feel the need for more support.  

Cost: $17 drop-in | 10 class card $150

Intermediate Group Equipment Class (Online via Zoom for people who have Pilates equipment in their homes, 8am Thursdays PST) 

This class is intended for those with significant experience with Pilates equipment work, or instructor approval. We will use the reformers, towers, chairs and/or barrels—whatever Pilates equipment you have at home—to stretch and strengthen in delicious ways! This class will help you get on your equipment and ensure that you are using it safely and effectively. 

Cost: $35 drop-in | 10 class card $280

POSTURE PERFECT begins January 25th! Start the year off right with this simple, effective program that uses the science of behavior change an Pilates-based exercises to help you create a completely doable daily practice that will transform your posture.

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